Clan Irwin Association





The way you spell the name (over 270 ways to date) matters little! It is more important that the same Scottish Clan has existed for more than ten centuries and continues today; historic in its contribution to the nation of Scotland; central to the Scottish “Plantation of Ireland”; and impressive in the importation of culture and strength to the American colonies by the Scots and the Scots-Irish. The line reaches back to the High Kings of Ulster (Ireland) and has come unbroken to this day.

Starting in the eighteenth century we migrated to North America, the Indies and later Australia and New Zealand. Members of our clan were prominent in the Revolutionary War and have fought for their country in every war since.

Recognizing the social value of our cultural heritage and its importance as a foundation for the future, an “Irvine Society” was formed about 1910 and lasted into the 1930’s, disappearing at about the time of World War II. A re-birth occurred on 21 March 1976 when the ‘CLAN IRWIN ASSOCIATION’ was initiated by our Founding President, Ralph Irwin, to carry forward our historic cultural objectives. History teaches, genealogy enlightens, our tartan and heraldic insignia engender solidarity, and the Clan Association makes use of them all. There are more than fifty Coats of Arms in the clan.

The choice of the Association name reflects its appearance in clan history and its larger population numbers in North America. In the year 1184 the historian Hovedon wrote of the Castle Irwin in Scotland.

The immediate purpose of the C.I.A. (Clan Irwin Association) is to promote identification and fellowship among those “of the name”; to gather genealogical information through research and exchange; and to record and disseminate the proud and long history of the clan. Membership is open to anyone.

To this end, members receive a quarterly publication, ‘The Holly Leaf Chronicle’ (holly being the clan flower), consisting of historic matters, current events, and genealogical information and queries. Clan information and hospitality tents are sponsored and hosted at many Scottish Highland Games and other such events. Members have access to free family history search assistance. Tartan fabric, kilts and skirts, books, photos of Coat of Arms and castles suitable for framing, pewter clan badges, embroidered clan crests, ladies tartan wallets, tartan blankets, golf and tee shirts, ball caps and tartan tams, neckties, sashes and scarves are just some of the items available for purchase.

Now in 2011, the Association is in its thirty-third year with more than 1200 members. All who share in these interests and objectives are invited, (and urged), to join the Clan Irwin Association


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