An American Hero Pennsylvania born

Photo of Jim Irwin on the moon, given to me by PA House of Rep. signed by Col Irwin

Photo of Jim Irwin on the moon, given to me by PA House of Rep. signed by Col Irwin

I know I have mentioned it several times, however I feel it bears repeating again, especially now that we have a commissioner in CO. and you will see why.
This brings Mid Atlantic and Colorado together in a common thread.

COL. James B. Irwin USAF-Astronaut and one of only 12 men to have walked on the surface of the moon, was born here in Pennsylvania. Outside Pittsburgh in a little town called Seldom Seen Pa., the same year my dad, James W. Irwin was born, also in the same town.

So I guess part of the moon now belongs to Clan Irwin, (what do ya think?) Maybe I’ll photoshop a photo of castle Drum on the Lunar landscape.
Anyway Col Irwin’s birthday is March 17. After he left NASA he started the High Flight Foundation, which is headquartered in Colorado. A couple of years ago I phoned Joy Irwin out there and relayed my family history and promised to get back in touch with her.

Well here is the oportunity for our new Commissioner to reach out if he so wishes, (and anyone else in CIA that may have an interest in Col Irwin and what he did after his historic flight.) For instance did you know he went in search of Noah’s Ark?
If you may be interested here is some contact information.

High Flight Foundation
4365 Scotch Pine Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: 917-945-9457


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  1. Barb Edelman says:

    Great going~!!!

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