Greetings Clan Irwin members-a note from the Mid-Atlantic Commisioner

The Celtic year is almost over. With the close of Halloween (Celtic New Year’s Eve), the new year begins! As it seems traditional for this time of year, I was remembering all the people have met and all the interesting Clan Irwin events attended. I hope you got to some of these events and said hello in person to your representatives and clansmen.

December 7, 2013 the 43rd annual Scottish Christmas Walk will be held in Old Alexandria, VA. Clan members really did themselves proud last year. The attendance was up (remember the article is the HLC). And there were enough young people to form a color guard and have flag bearers!! The kids had a great time. Please think about coming and bring your young people. Once again, Pat Lesky is hosting a reception following the “parade”.

November 11 is Veterans Day. To all who have served in the US Military, a humble ,” thank you”. This year the US Postal Service is issuing a new “forever stamp” on Nov. 11. The Medal of Honor : WW!!. One stamp shows the Navy version of the MOH and the second shows the Army version of the MOH. Did you know Bernard J. D. Irwin was the first (chronologically by action) Medal of Honor recipient? His actions on Feburary 13, 1861 are the earliest for which the MOH was awarded. Google him and find out more. He is a very interesting man.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, Celtic style,


Mid Atlantic Regional Commissioner

Clan Irwin Associaltion

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