A special Thanks

Casey, Chad (and Brody) at the pier in Alexandria.

Casey Chad (and Brody) at the pier in Alexandria.

Clan Irwin Association,

For a person who hardly ever checks her mail, can you believe the surprise I got when I opened the card from the clan? I was absolutely flabbergasted! My fingers could not work fast enough to dial Auntie Ann’s and Uncle Bill’s (as the kids call them) phone number. Of course mind you Auntie Ann and Bill were after me for two weeks asking if I checked my mail…now I know why. Then because of my excitement, knowing that I was thought of and loved by Clan Irwin, I could not speak properly to Auntie Ann. I cannot begin to tell everyone how thankful I am. Going through a traumatic health event is not pleasant, but knowing good friends and family support you make a huge impact. I consider Clan Irwin not my friends, but my family. I have found a wonderful home and I thank you all dearly.

Chad and Casey cannot wait until the next Clan Irwin event and they say a special hello to Harry (from Atlanta).

Rachel Essig

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