Plan now 2013 will be exciting time

HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is always nice to start any new year with great news and we will not dissapoint. Clan Irwin Association/Mid-Atlantic Region has an exciting calendar planned for 2013, with some suprises in store for those that participate.

First up will be the Covenant Signing Feb 17 at the Celtic Festival at the Sheraton Convention Center in King of Prussia Pa. The signing will include our Commissioner and representatives of Veterans and active Military services. Some individuals approached include the Korean War 60th Anniversary Commemorative Ambassador, the US Army Reserve Ambassador, a director from the Medal of Honor Grove, and VFW Commanders. (More on what the Covenant is and what it means will be published later.)

An official presentation to our Clan colors for revieving the Presidents Volunteer Service Award is in thee works.

April 6, National Tartan Day is shaping up to be a day with National significance.

More info will follow as it becomes aavailable.

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