Irwin and PA Lt Gov Meet

On March 24 CIA member Bill Irwin had the opportunity to host PA Lt Gov Jim Cawley. The day also saw the CIA honor guard present at a ceremony honoring a fallen Medal of Honor recipient.

Bill Irwin and PA Lt. Gov. Jim cawley at Scholarship Ceremony on Capitol Hill in Harrisburg on March 24.

Irwin, on the Harrisburg Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Association planning committee and Education Chair for scholarships EmCe’d a wreath laying ceremony for Spc. Ross McGinnis, at which his parents attended. Tom and Romayne were selected as the 2012 Grand marshal’s for the parade “Honoring our military and Military families. ” Irwin wanted something of the Irwin family involved an asked a family friend John Dymond

John Dymond wears the Irwin color guard shirt, but not the family colors. "John's a big boy," said Bill Irwin, "A little to big to fit into my kilt, but he proudly wore our shirt and represented us honorably." PHOTO BY DAVE THOMAS

to wear the new color guard shirt in the ceremony and carry the Thompson Rifles flag.  Dymond did an outstanding job at putting a good image of the Irwin family out there. afterwards he acted as Sgt at arms at a scholarship ceremony attended by the Lt Gov.

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