Irwin Clan occupies Alexandria, VA.

LTC Kelly Carter USAR, her dog Alaska and Clan member Bill Irwin (Harrisburg Recruiting BN) meet up prior to the walk.

On Dec 3, the Irwin Clan (et al) gathered to occupy the town of Alexandria.

OK,  so there were a couple of other clans and people there also, as everyone gathered to celebrate Alexandria’s Old Town’s Christmas Walk.

First the clan hooked up with the US Army/Army Reserve, in the person of LTC Kelly Carter and her dog Alaska.  This was followed shortly by reunions with C David Irvin(VA), David Irvine (TN), and new member Bill Irwin (PA.) David Irvin and Bill Irwin formed the clan color guard for the massing of the clan colors  and march of the clans at the Christmas walk.

David Irvine (TN), C David Irvin (VA) , and Bill Irwin (PA) plan for the days activities

After meeting up with the rest of the clan, more than 30 assembled CIA members proudly paraded with the rest of the clans showing plenty of Christmas spirit and Irwin clan pride.

Remember There are two kinds of people in this world, the Irwin’s and those that want to be Irwins

Irwin Clan members prepare to step off at the annual Alexandria Old Town Christmas walk.

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