An Invitation from the Friends of Robert Burns

You are cordially invited to the 12th Annual ROBERT BURNS Dinner Dance on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 5:00 PM at The Williamson Restaurant Easton Road (Rte 611) and Blair Mill Road, Horsham, PAA R.S.V.P. Semi-Formal Highland Dress Required Please be seated for the ceremonies by 5:45 PM

Entertainment will include: •Music by D.J., Tim Ewing and The Rutherglen Clan •Address to the Haggis by Andrew McGhie •Sandra Weyman Pennypacker’s Scottish Dancers •Open piping and drumming (Jam Session) all pipers and drummers welcome •Piping by several of the friends.

 The Bill o’Fare will include: Cash Bar: 5:00p.m. Scotch Broth Dinner: 6:30 p.m. Chicken or Roast Beef Neeps Haggis Reservations: Cost: $35.00 per person Reservations needed by January 14, 2012. Seating is limited. All reservations must be accompanied by a check. Tickets will not be mailed. Your reservation will be made available at the entrance to the dining room.

Please print full name of each person. Circle C (Chicken) or B (Beef). Circle M (Male) or F (Female).  Enclose payment of $35.00 for each reservation.  Each table seats 10.  If you are reserving for more than 10, you will be seated at adjoining tables.  Special meals (e.g. fat-free or vegetarian) can be provided.  The request can be made on this form or you can call Dottie Martin at 215-659-4867, and be sure to include your phone number.  ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO ‘FRIENDS OF ROBERT BURNS’.  NO TICKETS WILL BE MAILED TO YOU.  


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