Start early on your shopping

Family Tree DNA has just announced their seasonal sale, valid until December 31st;

DNA is a double helix formed by base pairs attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone

Current Group Price SALE PRICE

Y-DNA 37 $149 $119

Y-DNA 67 $239 $199 Upgrades 

12-37 Marker $99 $69

25-37 Marker $49 $35

25-67 Marker $148 $114

37-67 Marker $99 $79

Some recipients may like to consider putting this offer to the following uses: – if you are in sub-groups ‘BA’ or ‘B’ of our Borders family, and presently have less than 67 markers, upgrading yourself to 67 markers to see if you are in the BB (Bonshaw) sub-group ($79 or $114);- funding cousins etc with our surname to join our Study (Christmas presents?) ($119); and/or- donating to our General Fund to upgrade 12-marker participants to 37 markers ($69), or to enable me to approach new individuals whom I suspect to be members of non-Borders genetic families ($119), or to approach a cousin of ‘BB’ himself (to get a further check on this family’s DNA signature, $199).Donations to our General Fund of multiples of $29 (current price) are also welcome to extend our SNP testing program.

Best wishes, James Irvine   

PS FTDNA also have mt and Family Finder offers, but no 111 marker upgrade or SNP test offers, at least for the time being.

Disclaimer: Family Tree DNA is not responsible for the safety and security of files downloaded from third-party sites.

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