Scottish friend

Ralph Nielson, a good friend of mine is from Scotland, and his family still resides there.  Before arriving on our shores to manage St. Kilda USA, (St Kilda only has three outlets in the world that I am aware of, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the U.S. (in Pittsburgh, PA)  Ralph was a Tour/Travel agent for 15 years in Scotland and is well acquainted with our Clan and family homesteads.

I have always found Ralph to be an outstanding person of great moral character and also a good businessman offering high quality Scottish goods.  Needless to say I’ve purchased quite a bit of Scottish merchandise from him over the years. And to top it off he has a hell of a good Scottish humor.

He usually travels to Highland Games and Scottish/Celtic gatherings throughout the U.S.  However if you should like to speak to him make sure to leave a message on the office phone….and tell him I said hi!

St Kilda USA, 114 Charles Drive, Carnegie,PA 15106


Here is his some e-mail contact for him:

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