Ancestors in Gettysburg

A dear friend of mine, Bill Wiley in Harrisburg has been researching his family and part of his research took him to Gettysburg, where he discovered not only some of his relatives but some Irwin clan also.

Here is the info he discovered at the  Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church Gettysburg,  Adams County, Pennsylvania.  1865 Knoxlyn Road
Gettysburg,  Pennsylvania 17325 (717) 642-5332.(Remember when talking to the Lower Marsh church, that you want the info about the “old” grave yard.)

Photo courtsey Bill Wiley

Irwin, Catherine, d. 10-8-1859, Sec B #88
Irwin, George W., b. 11-9-1838, d. 4-19-1918, Sec B #89
Irwin, George, d. 6-2-1844, Sec B #85
Irwin, Hannah, d. 1-20-1820, Sec B #83, (w. John)
Irwin, Israel, d. 3-30-1871, Sec B #81
Irwin, John, d. 12-23-1808 6-20-1844, Sec B #87
Irwin, John, d. 12-3-1822, Sec B #84
Irwin, Lavina A., d. 1-1-1885, Sec B #90, (d. C.W. & V.A.)
Irwin, Mary, d. 9-3-1844, Sec B #82,(w. Israel)
Irwin, Robert, d. 11-24-1879, Sec B #80
Irwin, Sarah Duffield, d. 1-31-1857, Sec B #86, (w. George)


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