Travels reveal Irwin related history with U.S. Army

I get around quite a bit being public affairs with the U.S. Army Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion, as our battalion currently covers 53 of the 67 counties here in the great state of PA.

Recently I was detailed to the Beckley Battalion and travelled through VA and WVA (yes right at the earthquake ground zero).  Regardless of this when I was at Fort Monroe, VA home of the Army Training and Docterine Command, I came across some seacoast batteries, as Monroe lies on the waterfront.  

On the deck at Battery Irwin, Fort Monroe

Most of these detached batteries were built between 1891 and 1920 and they housed some of the most powerful seacoast weapons of their time. These batteries include six different stations, however only parts of two are accessible to the public, Parrott, and yes you may have guessed it by now IRWIN Battery.

Irwin battery is located directly across the street from the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse.

If you are ever in the area stop by, the Post is historical and beautiful, and worth the time to visit.

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