Shameless self promotion

This post is nothing more than shameless self promotion and to allay any nay sayers who still do not believe that I sport one of my six kilts at any given time.

This photo was taken at the recent Dublin, Oh. Irish festival at the beginning of August.

If a lady would ask what I wear under my kilt, my reply would be…

“My sweet Colleen, a Lady wouldn’t ask.” 

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2 Responses to Shameless self promotion

  1. Bob Erwin says:

    Hey Scott,

    Cool blog. Great to hear about everything Scottish and the Erwin Clan.

    Some day I will make it to the home land (not Fresno, Scotland and the Drum Castle).

    Bob Erwin

    • wjirwin says:

      Bob, thanks for the kind words, why not suscribe to the news blog and recieve automatic updates?
      Sure beats typing in the address all the time. It’s FREE! (front page lower right)

      Bill Irwin

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