Welcome to the Cuileann Posts.  As you may or may not know Cuileann is gailec for Holly, so I thought it appropiate since our family crest sports three holly leaves representing truth.

These posts will be as frequent as you want them.  Please send me any info about the Irwin family (Clan Irwin Association) that may be of interest to CIA members in PA, Md, NJ etc. 

I look foreward to giving you family, educational and fun activities as they are presented. 

I aim to make this our post for all things Irwin and therefore Celtic.

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2 Responses to WELCOME

  1. Barbara Edelman says:

    Several summers ago, Scottish Historical and Research Society members went to Old Swedes Church, in particular to visit the grave of Alexander Wilson, America’s first ornithologist. While we were walking around I noted the grave of William Irvine. I was wondering who he was and now you have sent the information. Flowers have been placed on both graves several times since our original visit. Thanks

    • wjirwin says:

      Barbara, thanks for the comments, I’ll try to provide as much info that I can with any posting. If I don’t know I will research (or make up a darn good story! 🙂

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